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“An electronic commerce system should not be an additional burden for our clients to manage, it should integrate into the existing business model and deliver real value to our clients in serving their customers.”

With an assessment of your current and future expectations of an electronic commerce system we can guide you through the plethora of available options, steer you away from common pitfalls which result in increased long term costs to maintain your system, and deliver a system which will meet your expectations today and into the future.

Be it a direct to consumer e-commerce solution, or a b2b commerce solution, It is our preference to offer an open-source solution which does not lock our client into any proprietary system or protracted maintenance contract.

We feel that this model is preferable in providing our clients with the freedom and fairness that they deserve. As an e-way accredited e-commerce solutions developer, we are able to integrate your website credit card payments with most Australian banking institutions with relative ease.

Visit this link to see an example of a recently developed Magento e-Commerce site

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Content Management Systems

Customized CMS

Of the many open source content management systems available today, many enable customization to suit your specific needs. We can assist you to navigate your way through the maze of available systems and select the most appropriate system for your application.

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Kromosome Smart Software Solutions

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps

If you\'re contemplating a standards compliant web application, or a native app for mobile devices, our expertise in the area of building mobile app\'s can help you better understand the various platforms, their strengths and weaknesses and how to position your app for success.

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Kromosome Smart Software Solutions


Our Areas of Expertiese

  • CSS2 & CSS3
  • JavaScript / jQuery, Node.js
  • Deployment in the cloud
  • PHP / Symfony2.0 / Zend
  • Java / Ruby / Python
  • Database Applications
  • WordPress CMS / Magento e-Commerce
  • Android Mobile Applications

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