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Kromosome Industries are a Footscray based, full service digital media agency;

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Web Development;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Digital Marketing: Strategy Design & Implementation;
  • Social Media Management;
  • Custom Software Development;
  • and Mobile Web Applications.

In every area that we operate, our mandate is to increase the effectiveness of customer communications and customer engagement on behalf of our small business clients, with the sole purpose of filling their sales pipeline whilst increasing the ROI for their marketing spend.

We are a group of results-driven professionals, some of whom have been active in the area of Internet marketing since 1996, we are early adopters, who seek out emerging trends and technologies and intelligently adapt these into our product and service offering for the benefit of our stakeholders and clients.

We invite you to partner with us for your forthcoming digital projects, we will strive to challenge the norm and to produce results beyond your expectations!

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Kromosome Industries

Souter Crescent
Footscray, Victoria
Australia 3011
T: 1300 20 24 47

Kromosome Smart Software Solutions

Content Management Systems

Customized CMS

Of the many open source content management systems available today, many enable customization to suit your specific needs. We can assist you to navigate your way through the maze of available systems and select the most appropriate system for your application.

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Kromosome Smart Software Solutions

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps

If you\'re contemplating a standards compliant web application, or a native app for mobile devices, our expertise in the area of building mobile app\'s can help you better understand the various platforms, their strengths and weaknesses and how to position your app for success.

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Kromosome Smart Software Solutions


Our Areas of Expertiese

  • CSS2 & CSS3
  • JavaScript / jQuery, Node.js
  • Deployment in the cloud
  • PHP / Symfony2.0 / Zend
  • Java / Ruby / Python
  • Database Applications
  • WordPress CMS / Magento e-Commerce
  • Android Mobile Applications

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Kromosome Smart Software Solutions

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